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          The Covenant School

The Rancho Santa Fe elementary school is among the top schools in Southern California. The SAT scores are always at the top of the chart, with the eighth grade reporting a 391 out of 400 in reading and a 377 in math, 378 in history, and a 379 in science out of a possible 400. One of the contributing factors that lead to such high marks is the amount of volunteers that the school receives; somewhere in the area of 200 at last count. This at help in the classroom enables the teachers to give all their energies to the art of teaching and keep the class sizes down to about 22 students. The atmosphere around the entire school is one in which the kids believe it's O.K. to achieve scholastic honors and consequently the entire student body does it's best to make the honor roll. After finishing the Covenant school and continuing on to the highly rated Torrey Pines High School, it's no wonder that students can get into almost any college in the country. In 1996 the Torrey Pines high school Foundation aided over $390,000 for support of student activities which is an indication of how well the community supports it's schools. Torrey Pines always has a waiting list of teachers who would love to practice their skills at this notable school and consequently the administration can be careful to select only the most qualified, to fill any vacancies. The sports calendar is quite full, with the football team taking the championship in 1997.

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